Day 24 · Entrance

It takes a lot to open the door to that journey. Leaving the wall protected space to explore the unknown is unsettling to almost everybody. The travel itself comes almost effortless -- even if there are obstacles, you'll find a way to proceed and sooner or later you get to your destination.

Limit #24
Chosing Comfort Over Freedom

And you may find yourself in fear to actually enter these walls which you considered your destination. You feel more than you know that you'll give up some freedom, and you can't tell if you'll trade for the better or worse. Even if you feel the joy of finishing a long and experience loaded journey, you'll open that door to what you expect will comfort you almost in trance.



Great symmetry and colour matching on the whole image. The snow adds a great interest to the foreground.

What an interesting facade, I've never seen anything quite like it. What is is made of?

Beautiful building with many different elements to it that complements each other well. Good find.

To me, I'm mostly curious about the huge ugly sticks with orange at their tops besides the steps. So you know how wide to shovel? Must be a better way. Ha!

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

Indeed, these sticks are guiding the shoveling. As we can get loads of snow in a very short period of time, it makes sense to use these along the streets. I'm not sure why they put it there, but to me it was a perfect symbol for yet another set of walls.

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