Day 30 · Newspaper

Every morning the world gets swamped with paper. They call it news-paper, but the news are quite worn once the paper goes to print. Nevertheless, it seems it is mandatory to know what happened in the hours before the press was engaged. And by consuming other people's opinions and biased reports, nice little walls are build. As everybody builds about the same walls by consuming about the same news, we call it the "collective conscious". You know: It has been in print …

Limit #30
Reading The News

There's an old saying in the trade: "There are only few things which are older than yesterday's news", and rightly so. The Earth is spinning, vantage points are shifting, opinions get re-evaluated, preferences are changing. The result of this process is tomorrow's news, the hottest thing since, well, vapor steam cleaners. The remainders of yesterday's vapor battle face recycling, of course orderly stacked.