Worth 1000 November '15
Easy-Going 30-Day Challenge

When days get shorter, and temperatures get chillier, many people start thinking about a healthy stay at a nice spa. Enjoying saunas, Roman steam baths, hot tea, and relaxing treatments is what late fall is for. But not so for photographers, they are a different breed. They start thinking about taking pictures when the light goes down. Well, this might be condescending -- real photographers almost always think about taking pictures, so any excuse will do to not get them into a spa where it is almost impossible to carry all the lenses and batteries and memory cards while wearing only slightly more than a towel. For this challenge in November 2015 here's my theme:

Limits in Space

This will be a month of carrying my camera wherever I happen to get to be. I expect to travel some 2000 kms, stay in various places in various cities, and I'll have lots of meetings and appointments. I started working on an idea for a series of images a while back, and I hope this challenge will help to mature my thoughts about the limits in my surroundings. I'm quite sure it's going to be a great time, and I invite you to enjoy the work of the other participants in this challenge as much as I will.