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Chimneys are a special kind of wall. Usually, walls wrap around us, but in this case, we wrap around chimneys. Probably that's why they are so appealing to us - they're almost like good friends, in the middle of our homes, protecting us from fumes and smoke, but giving us warmth through the cold time of the year.

Limit #2
Around the Chimney

But hold on: are chimneys really the good friends we can build upon? Obviously not: chimneys need a lot of maintenance to stay protective. Just another wall needing to be watched for, and one which might kill you and set your house on fire if you let your attention slip.



That's a very serious consideration of a chimney! I am not entirely sure that I can detect a chimney here, as it looks like an old light switch, but perhaps I am not familiar with the type of chimney you have. I like the dark and sombre mood in this, with an air of mystery.

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

The chimney is the gray thing running up in the middle of the frame. The black rectangle is the maintenance door, and to the left of it is the frame of the door to the attic.

That is a very rough chimney wall, probably not in the livingroom ;) .
Do you have one of those traditionally tiled chimneys downstairs?