Day 03 · Wood

People like wood as it gives a feeling of warmth and softness. Wood is easy to work with, and this makes it a wonderful material for most every case. Instruments, furniture and of course walls are made from dead trees. Wood becomes used quickly. Aged wood shows a lot of marks of those who passed by over time, and it's a pleasure to look at. At least when you spend some time and money to keep the surface nice and tidy.

Limit #3
Staircase on a budget

If construction's on a budget, every single piece of wood becomes a factor. And if the carpenter goes haywire, he's not wasting a single bit of cheapboard. Even a mundane staircase can become a piece of art Mondrian would be proud of when smaller pieces are glued together to save on construction cost.



The overall impression of this one is like a jigsaw puzzle and the abstract shapes work well to make a cohesive image. Love the splashes of white paint to add interest.

Great dedication on using every bit of wood. I guess the next step will be plaster and paint.
I wonder if a different dof could have separate the interesting main subject from the slightly busy background.

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

To me, everything runs into everything in this picture. Lines jump to the farther wall and back to the handle, and the busyness of the "foreground" continues in the "background". The fun part is the slight blur of the "distant foreground", and it was a lot of work to put the cam to exactly this position to create all these continuing lines.

This awakens the math nerd in me. I love all the shapes in this and the mathematical component to composition. In the same time it reminds me of modern art - I could easily see this on a wall somewhere :)

You did a really good job with this as there is a very good balance between the lines and it is a very good composition.

Fascinating piece, it is fun following the lines and shapes.

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