Day 03 · Wood

People like wood as it gives a feeling of warmth and softness. Wood is easy to work with, and this makes it a wonderful material for most every case. Instruments, furniture and of course walls are made from dead trees. Wood becomes used quickly. Aged wood shows a lot of marks of those who passed by over time, and it's a pleasure to look at. At least when you spend some time and money to keep the surface nice and tidy.

Limit #3
Staircase on a budget

If construction's on a budget, every single piece of wood becomes a factor. And if the carpenter goes haywire, he's not wasting a single bit of cheapboard. Even a mundane staircase can become a piece of art Mondrian would be proud of when smaller pieces are glued together to save on construction cost.



The overall impression of this one is like a jigsaw puzzle and the abstract shapes work well to make a cohesive image. Love the splashes of white paint to add interest.

Great dedication on using every bit of wood. I guess the next step will be plaster and paint.
I wonder if a different dof could have separate the interesting main subject from the slightly busy background.