Day 04 · Pottery

If walls are protecting something, you can't hope for insight or smartness. Things are what they are, and what they have been. Walls protect traditions, folklore, habits -- whether good or bad. Walls aren't good or bad, they just happen to be. Their only purpose is to be strong and sturdy and protecting. Walls are not in for discussions nor arguments. Walls are put into existence to separate one part from the other, and it takes quite some effort and even more time and dedication to overcome walls, whether physical or mental ones.

Limit #4
It's tough to confront a wall

Pottery is also what one could consider a sturdy material. Once the soft clay has been burnt to a pot, it holds any content firmly. Which eventually makes the pottery proud of its job as a small wall, and it might try its luck to convince real walls of its ideas. Given that walls are meant to resist, it doesn't make much sense to attack them blindly. Have a look at Day 01, how much smarter the weak grass deals with the issue of overcoming a wall, and have a look at today's tragedy.



Aawww, poor pot! It met a bad end. The leading diagonal works well to draw the eye to the subject.