Day 05 · Leisure

Walls and leisure, how does this fit? Walls, as far as I know, aren't known for their easy going. This instance seems to be on the jolly side, however. A vivid color tries to hide the stern character of this wall, but the wall's dedication to straight lines and its favor for the 90° angle makes it hard to believe this color could be meant serious. It's like with a clown: putting on a red nose doesn't make things any funnier.

Limit #5
Keeping the tie protected

The most intriguing part in this picture is the protection the wall gives to the tie, and the icon of business seems to enjoy the secure surrounding, as one can tell from the way the tie hangs out here.



And I thought you just ran into the wall, fell onto your back, and thought hmmm, this might make a good shot. :)

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

To be honest, it was almost the other way around: once I had made it onto my back, I had a hard time to get back on my feet again. Age is a nasty thing to happen :)

Great colours and I love how the tie is just outside of the shadow area. Very clever composition and great viewpoint. Well done.

An other interesting use of light. Nice composition in this one too and nice perspective.

Very deep and meaningful thoughts regarding a simple red wall :)
I love the colours in this though!

Your descriptions are as interesting as the photographs and gives us a better understanding of your thoughts as the artist to why you took this picture this way. Fantastic.

lots to enjoy here with colours, shapes, light and reflection. I like the reflection of the tie on the metal cabinet what a great perspective you have chosen!

Interesting viewpoint to both wall and the word leisure.

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