Day 06 · Pet

Walls are a natural enemy to pets. Walls stop pets from getting out to socialize with other animals, and also stop pets from getting back in after strolling. Walls stand between freedom and comfort, and pets have to overcome them several times per day. Which of course raises the question how pets can alert humans to let them back in once they return.

Limit #6
Getting back in

Cats are limited, but quite smart. Lacking the understanding of the door bell, they have to show up in front of the window to get in if all doors are locked. The most reasonable window to check can be easily spotted by the marks these pets have left on the wall over the past decades.



Nice take on the theme, Very creative to show us the world through a cat's eyes.

I like the simplicity of this, the only thing that distracts me though is how the grass drops off on the right hand side. I think I would have cropped it just a little bit on each side so it was all relatively even.
But other than that I like it!

Hah! I love the layers of colour in this, with the well-grounded horizontals all making a layer cake out of the image. And then the little kitty pitter patter paws are so cute. Well spotted and a great way to link in the pet with the wall.

(My cat howls outside the door to be let back in, as we have mosquito nets over the windows. He really is demanding!)

Interesting. How to take a picture of a pet if you don't have one. Run after a neighbor's? Or be clever and show the cats that once were. Well done!

Another creative perspective, the layers are great

I must be blind because other than an interesting horizontally layered picture of different colours and textures I honestly don't see paw- or other cat related marks.

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

Probably it needs a well tuned monitor to see the marks to left of the crack ...

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