Day 08 · Chocolate

If you ever licked a wall, you probably know that walls aren't sweet at all. Nonetheless some walls mimic chocolate, whether by color or by imitating the structure of chocolate ribs. That makes them look sweet, but still they aren't. Digging any deeper on the subject makes chocolate appear even less sweet than most people anticipate.

Limit #8
Homo Hominem Lupus

Chocolate is made from cocoa which is grown mostly in Africa. Some 50 millions of people depend on cocoa production, and most of them are kept poor by the few big players in the cocoa market, with Nestlé and Kraft Foods being on top of the ugly pyramid of capitalistic imperialism. There are lots of cruelties involved in growing cocoa, such as trafficking children. Cocoa workers in Ivory Coast produce some 50% of African cocoa but they themselves don't even know what the pods are used for nor what chocolate tastes like.



It's so sad that something so tasty has such an ugly process of production. I only buy chocolate marked with the justice label (I don't really know if I've translated that correctly). It lacks that bitter aftertaste you describe.

Nice looking wood in this shot, it reminds me of Hansel and Gretel ;)

That nice looking warm chocolaty wood looks great with that lighting to emphasise the joins and the shadow to bring attention to the shiny handle. Very cool.

Yes, I am aware of poor people that pick the chocolate have never even tasted it in their life. There are some responsible companies though that have certification and more people need to know about the problem as few people actually do know.
The chocolate wall, does not replace the smoothness and deliciousness of chocolate, but it certainly works to fit the bill for this theme. Smart choice.

Another interesting word match from you. The image is reminiscent of chocolate. Your description is thoughtful and sad.

This shadow of the handle looks like a sign pointing to the woodwork. I like the subtle marks of damage and/or reconstruction.

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