Day 08 · Chocolate

If you ever licked a wall, you probably know that walls aren't sweet at all. Nonetheless some walls mimic chocolate, whether by color or by imitating the structure of chocolate ribs. That makes them look sweet, but still they aren't. Digging any deeper on the subject makes chocolate appear even less sweet than most people anticipate.

Limit #8
Homo Hominem Lupus

Chocolate is made from cocoa which is grown mostly in Africa. Some 50 millions of people depend on cocoa production, and most of them are kept poor by the few big players in the cocoa market, with Nestlé and Kraft Foods being on top of the ugly pyramid of capitalistic imperialism. There are lots of cruelties involved in growing cocoa, such as trafficking children. Cocoa workers in Ivory Coast produce some 50% of African cocoa but they themselves don't even know what the pods are used for nor what chocolate tastes like.