Day 09 · Plants

Plants and walls don't go together very well. As we depend on walls, and also enjoy plants, it's very common to decorate boring walls with plants. Sometimes, however, it's hard to tell what is less boring.

Limit #9
Fashion's Based on Substance

After a while, all sorts of decoration fall victim to fashion. The only thing keeping its value is the boring wall, but we don't want to look at it. Instead of letting the shortliving and expensive decoration go, we continue adding and renewing it, while silently ignoring what provides the foundation for all the beauty. Just do the boring walls justice: imagine what the decoration may look like if you'd remove the walls … The other way around isn't a big deal, obviously.



Very wise words.
I recently moved house and the fist thing we did was strip the living-room wallpaper. My friend was horrified as apparently it was some expensive posh stuff... But it was also horrid, so now it's gone.

This shot reminds me of the look on her face.

I remember when Mr and I moved into our first flat. It was in a rather old building and no one had ever torn the wallpaper down, ever! That meat 6 layers in one of the rooms,and tearing it down must have added sever meters to the square footage haha. I'm very thankful it wasn't that way when we moved into our current home.

Nice composition in this shot, and I love the lines that seem to originate from the window :)

I have never lived in a house with wallpaper, I don't think. Everywhere has always been painted plaster. But I have seen lots that are in various states of disrepair and paper certainly seems to get damaged much faster and easier than paint, and then of course, it's not terribly easy to fix!

An interesting shot of urban degradation.

Interesting find in decay. The layer underneath the wallpaper seems to be matching paint. Or is it the other way round. Mysterious. The darker lines are also intruiging. Shadows from window blinds?

Bit late to continue my commenting but was really busy.

Love the image and the story. Taste is so subjective, isn't it yet some people will wear ugly things because they are considered designer etc., or worth a lot. People are afraid to say what they really like.

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