Day 10 · Lemon

Now this is a special kind of wall. You can tell how thick it is, and also that it is not the brightest spot on Earth. A small window made of light consuming and energy wasting glass bricks looking North is almost as dark as the energy saving low wattage lamp. This place is cool in summer, and rather cold in winter, and this is how it should be, according to the owners. It's the place where they stock everything, from vegetables to decorations, from canned food to empty jars. This makes it desirable to keep the temperature low in this room at all time.

Limit #10
Color Doesn't Warm Anybody

Now isn't this an interesting thing to know? Although the walls got painted in rather sunny yellow the room stays cool all year. The nice color only helps folks to feel better than if it were a grayish dark hole, but for the energy bill this doesn't matter. You may paint walls in a warm tone, but you better get thicker walls to save energy.



The idea that the thick walls and glass makes this place always cool is very interesting from the point of view of storing foodstuffs. And the sunny yellow must surely make it feel much nicer. Lovely find and good work including the light while still keeping the cheeriness of the walls well exposed.

I love yellow like this on walls! We've got almost the same color in our bedroom, only not quite as intense. "Mango" I think it was called. I too love that it makes the room warmer, it's like it's always sunny in there :)

Lovely find by the way, the contrast of the blue to that yellow looks really nice :)

You can find many shades of yellow in our house as well. It makes me feel happy, especially during the darker months of the year.
Coloured walls definately have a major influence on the mood of a room and the people in it.
I understand the lamp needs to be on to light the wall and to illustrate your story but on the other hand I would have liked you to choose another option to the lighting problemen.

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

Interesting you mention lighting. What exactly would you have changed here?

Of course, color can affect mood. Imagine how dreary this would be in cement grey... Now in yellow, add a little curtain and a small painting and start to smile!

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