Day 15 · Pockets

Sometimes big, sturdy walls provide nice little pockets to allow life to find protected spots. Once the wall is build, it doesn't take long for nature to reconquer the space which was taken by the wall.

Limit #15
Small Plants Make Use of Big Walls

I built this wall during summer 40 years ago, and today I returned to take a picture. It's amazing how not only my creation survived four decades, but how much plants and animals use this wall for their purpose. The whole thing looks nice by now, much nicer than the 7 feet high agglomeration of stones and mortar I put there when I had all of my life still in front of me.


Yep, now it is loaded with character. :) Bet the property value has risen, too?

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

Probably, as everything got a lot more expensive in the past four decades. But as I moved a long time ago, I'm not directly affected by any changes of property value :)

I love walls like this where nature takes over and makes thing so pretty. Gorgeous

Good to see the wall survived 4 decades and morphed into more than just a wall, a new ecosystem.
I love the different shapes and shades of green.

The soft and pretty way that nature has taken over the strong and solid wall is really attractive. What a great find (or rather, good job remembering to go back to it!

Wow,how awesome to be able to go back to a wall you built 40 years ago - and how wonderful that it has become home to many lants and animals.

Nice how nature can take over man-made things and give it more humanity!

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