Day 17 · Hand

Tiles have always been a welcome piece of decoration in moist rooms. Ancient Greece and Roman tiles found contemporary successors when printing tiles allowed for cheap mass production.

Limit #17
Decoration Beats Art

I was lucky enough to find such a piece of cheap ugliness when I returned to my hotel only an hour before midnight. And even better, the same picture had been used three times, which made it a hard decision which hand to pick.



Hah! What a great find for today's picture. Love the angled view and the focus on that hand. Nice work.

Sometimes we are so lucky to find our shot moments before the deadline.
Perhaps it does not match your personal taste but the subtle colours do match the fine lines of the tiles. The darker pink joint line adds depth just as subtle.

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

This is an interesting question, you raised. I think that the final piece (i.e. my photograph) has nothing to do with the subject. So no matter what ugliness I got in front o f my lens, I as an artist in charge have to create what I consider to be a relevant representation of my intentions. My photograph has to stand on it's own, and that's how I create images. My personal taste modified the original print in a way that it became digestible even to me, and this is what art is about. Telling other people's stories in your own words.

Nice find, and lovely light to make it stand out. Though I fend myself wondering what it would have looked like if you had the same focal length but had panned it a bit to the left. However, the result of central focus is an interesting one and makes crates that slight sense of imbalance that make you look twice. Nicely done

If you like the tiles or not, you can still make them look interesting.

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