Day 19 · Bus Stop

Waiting for a bus can be a daunting task, especially in the boonies, where missing the bus means at least two hours of delay in Nowhereland, where no coffee shop will help to shorten the wait. So one has to be at the stop early for not to miss the commute. Things get even more daunting when dozens of over active and super vibrant kids of all ages share the wait. It's the sole purpose of this wall to make the wait a contemplative experience, even when cold rain pours down or a chilly snowstorm cuts into your face.

Limit #19
Perfect Separation

Thin layers of wood make it impossible to spot people waiting on the other side, for the bus to the other direction. This is inhibiting incidental encounters, and one can imagine people waiting for different buses for years, never seeing each other because of this ridiculously thin and arbitrary wall.