Day 20 · Library

Books are said to be a wonderful thing. With all the thoughts of mankind contained on hundreds of pages, neatly put between protecting covers. Which appear like walls, protecting the precious content, or eventually protecting the world from the dangerous content, written on those pages.

Limit #20
Thinking Between Covers

And there's another, yet invisible wall, arising by books, separating those who can read from those who can't. Those who agree with the content, and those who don't. Even worse, our brain is filtering pretty much everything to its liking, no matter what the input is. Words are a strong weapon, but thinking is even stronger.



Cool collection of an assortment of different shapes, sizes, patterns, designs, colours and genre. Makes for an interesting and engrossing shot.

Interesting collection of books in contents, colours and shapes.
I recognized the Schwejk book immediately, read them many years ago and loved the absurd humor and satire.

Now that's a book I would love to riffle though "Dictionary of American Slang" :)

Very nice shot. I like the reflections of the books in the shelves and that some books are not standing, but laying down on top of others. Books are truly wonderful in the way they enrich our lives. The more you read, the more you learn, and the richer you are for the experience.

Ah, yes, books. Did you just take a shot anywhere, did you arrange which books to shoot and put them together. People so do judge us by the books we read or at least the ones we keep on our shelves.

Bild des Benutzers Norbert

All the shots of this month have been "found places" (or things), I just set the vantage point first, added some lights, checked the overall scene and pulled the trigger. This shelf is actually in my studio, and I didn't much of arrangements but removing dust, and reordering books for better shadows and/or graphic. In this sense, this was probably the most complicated picture of all, as I had only very limited space to work in -- pretty much what this challenge was about for me, limits in space :)

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